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Our sponsorship programme enables poor and disadvantaged girls to receive love, care, education and a chance to learn a trade, such as nursing, teaching, tailoring etc. and to learn a profession which in turn gives them dignity and opportunities for their future life so that they become self supporting, even supporting their families financially.

Sponsorship is arranged through John & Cathy Bental (see Contact page),  It costs around £15 per month per child for their Hostel, Schooling, Educational and training needs.  Children will be encouraged to write to you, and perhaps you would like to write to them for Christmas and birthdays.  You will receive a “Thank you letter” at least once a year from them. Arrangements are set up through a Charitable Trust in the UK.  Banker’s Order Forms and Gift aid Declaration Forms are available through the Contacts.  If you would like to Sponsor please email or write for details and forms.  A profile and photo of a needy girl will be sent to you.  

We recognise the Lord has always provided for all our needs, so we continue to praise Him as He pours out His blessings upon us.   Thank you for your prayers, love and support.